Seaview on show

Posted by Sue Burgess ยท 1 min read

Seaview proudly presents No Labels; a photographic exhibition funded by the Big lottery Awards for All programme. Touring various venues in and around Hastings, No Labels features the people involved with Seaview Project. The exhibition includes a visually stunning collection of portraits, a photo story entitled 'Day In The Life Of', an audio visual DVD and a book of life stories. No Labels portrays people without labels that others so often use and aims to raise awareness of the issues faced and challenge commonly held perceptions. Photographer John Stiles explains, 'The idea behind the exhibition was to try and show the viewers the character and personality of the people who visit Seaview; to look beyond labels and see the individual. We all too often ascribe labels to others without out really knowing them. There is a saying that you should not judge a book by its cover but unfortunately we do not always follow this in practice.'

Beginning its journey at the Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, a grand opening was held and attended by more than 80 people. Moving on from the Hastings Museum on the 8th March, No Labels opened at the Hastings Centre, The Ridge, Hastings on the 15th March. No Labels will move onto Hastings Works, Robertson Street, Hastings in April; dates and more venues to be announced. Watch this space to find out when and where the exhibition is being held in our local community. We invite you to view the images and read our stories with an open mind .......