The Seaview Choir's Time to Shine

Posted by Sue Burgess · 1 min read

The Time to Shine Project spent the summer working with our service users at Seaview. The ten week course was designed to prepare the service users for a CD recording and a public performance with a live professional band with the aim of improving their confidence levels, self-awareness, group engagement, self-respect and responsibility through weekly music sessions. The course focused on improving vocal and musical technique, as well as developing the existing Seaview Choir, encouraging participants to try singing solo songs and working on confidence-building, self-awareness and performance techniques.

On the 9th September 10 service users took part in an all-day recording session in a professional studio and produced a top quality CD, available at Seaview for £3. All proceeds from sales will continue to support the choir and other musical projects for service users. On the 23rd September the project culminated in a Gala performance at the Masonic Hall, More than 150 people attended including the High Sheriff of East Sussex, the Mayor and Deputy of Hastings. 16 service users took part in in the gala performance and were met with rapturous applause and cries of ‘more’, the audience were dancing in the aisles and more than a tear was shed. Please click on the link to gain insight into a truly magnificent project: