Wellbeing centre

Since 1985 Seaview has been providing an open access wellbeing centre at the heart of St Leonards-on-Sea. It is a vibrant place that is all about helping people to achieve their full potential. The philosophy is one of ‘can do’ rather than ‘don’t do’, and this is always both exciting and challenging.

People use our wellbeing centre for a variety of reasons, and none are more important than having a place to be, somewhere to drop in to, away from the pressures of the world. One of Seaview’s core values is a belief that ‘Warmth from one human being to another can bring about positive change’. We have been proving the truth of this over the years.

Not everyone agrees with a hierarchy of human needs, but few would dispute the vital importance of people receiving food, drink, shelter, warmth, clothes etc.

Our wellbeing centre provides all of these. The work is also about helping clients to achieve personal growth and fulfillment. This is done through one to one sessions; support groups; educational and work placement programmes, and a range of activities that clients believe is relevant to their situation. Seaview is fluid, not static, and our wellbeing centre is one of our unique selling points.